The crew discusses the Electric Island party in Toronto…. AND…. a female DJ that really wasn’t a DJ at all, but got paid to act like one. Plus all kinds of insults and funny drug stories all wrapped up in 24 minutes of wasted time.

This is the next instalment of killer House music from, the King & Flashback. A one hour tour of the Everglades. Keep your legs & arms inside the vehicle at all times. Wait until we have come to a full and complete stop before exiting. Thank You for choosing BabylonFM’s; ¬†Friday Nite Live.

The Fabulous Freddy Loveless entertains us once again, after 10 years in Hawaii. His tan is golden, just like his turntable techniques. Freddy created a journey of handbag house that will soothe your tropical soul.

Their at the post…….and their off, once again…. King Jax comes out of the gate with a house session that will make yer ass shake. Coming around the turn Syd Flashback comes along the inside and takes the lead. A refreshing Tech/House collaboration of ingenuity and design. Enjoy the 3rd session of what can only be described as a never ending Techno & House epic story line.

The inaugural podcast event from the BabylonFM crew.
NEW show.  NEW guests. NEW format.
An in depth, extremely high, perspective on the current electronic music scene, PLUS, a hilarious look back at all the drug fuelled parties of the 1990’s.
Joining King Jax & Syd Flashback is an old friend, the creator of Nu Groove, DJ Loophole.