New York City.

Friday Nite Live brings the groove back with a House & Funky Techno beat down in the Big Apple.

Friday Nite Live, King Jax & Sydney Flashback.

Babylon,  circa 1994.


Chicago House music changed lives. The music brought cultures together on the dance floor. It was a new sound, a new vibe, peace love and unity for all. Thank You, Chicago.

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We are……Friday Nite Live.

Babylon, circa 1994

Another riveting MoB episode. Guest DJ,  Lisa Marie,  joins the boys for a funny look at being too old to club anymore. Not that she is too old, she’s not, I think she is still 28……anyway, we list the top 10 reasons you are too damn old for the clubs. Enjoy.


After this episode, you will want, a smoke and a pancake…….or perhaps a salt shaker, half full of cocaine. Either or is good. Enjoy.

Babylon. Circa 1994

Friday Nite Live (King Jax & Syd Flashback)


Freddie Loveless returns with a magical mystery tour. Loveless has been an underground DJ for 30 years, and this mix shows it. A fabulous selection of tunes, that are expertly mixed together, to create a journey for all. Freddie, as of late, has been very disappointed by all the finger pointing and accusations of these so called, Producers and DJ’s that are currently destroying our scene and the music we love.

“The biggest fakers, are usually the ones complaining about all the fakers”

Freddie Loveless.

100% Real Juice.

Always was. Always will be.

Babylon,  circa 1994