The sound that was manufactured in Detroit was unique, raw, and like nothing else in the world. The “rave scene” sound of the early 90’s held a direct connection to the Motor City. Those of us who were there, in 91 & 92 are the lucky ones, who often say: remember when it was about the music?

Babylon, circa 1994

Friday Nite Live

DJ King Jax & Sydney Flashback.

The Mystery Machine blows a tire, and the gang finds themselves outside of an abandon Roller Disco, with a mysterious, mischievous ghost. Daphne suggests a,  “ghost killer”, set of House & Techno. Stay tuned, and find out if their  wacky plan works!

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Babylon.  circa 1994.

New York City.

Friday Nite Live brings the groove back with a House & Funky Techno beat down in the Big Apple.

Friday Nite Live, King Jax & Sydney Flashback.

Babylon,  circa 1994.


Chicago House music changed lives. The music brought cultures together on the dance floor. It was a new sound, a new vibe, peace love and unity for all. Thank You, Chicago.

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We are……Friday Nite Live.

Babylon, circa 1994

Another riveting MoB episode. Guest DJ,  Lisa Marie,  joins the boys for a funny look at being too old to club anymore. Not that she is too old, she’s not, I think she is still 28……anyway, we list the top 10 reasons you are too damn old for the clubs. Enjoy.