Masters Of Babyl

Another riveting MoB episode. Guest DJ,  Lisa Marie,  joins the boys for a funny look at being too old to club anymore. Not that she is too old, she’s not, I think she is still 28……anyway, we list the top 10 reasons you are too damn old for the clubs. Enjoy.


The crew discusses the Electric Island party in Toronto…. AND…. a female DJ that really wasn’t a DJ at all, but got paid to act like one. Plus all kinds of insults and funny drug stories all wrapped up in 24 minutes of wasted time.

The inaugural podcast event from the BabylonFM crew.
NEW show.  NEW guests. NEW format.
An in depth, extremely high, perspective on the current electronic music scene, PLUS, a hilarious look back at all the drug fuelled parties of the 1990’s.
Joining King Jax & Syd Flashback is an old friend, the creator of Nu Groove, DJ Loophole.