Friday Nite Live

Friday Nite Live tear the roof off the Ranch Studio with this instalment.

The King unleashes 1.21 gigawatts of House music power on an unsuspecting crowd. The floor quickly fills, with a group of smokin hotties, and, all hell breaks loose.

Flashback….. rolls in heavy & destroys them with an,  “F”  YOU , set of Tech House, that pile drives the rug cutting babes into an oblivion.

Special Thanx to Unit 42, AND, Don’t Look Productions for the PROMO copy of  “HOT GIRLS”, featuring Friday Nite Live’s own, King Jax on vocals. Hot Girls is available on PBR.


This is the next instalment of killer House music from, the King & Flashback. A one hour tour of the Everglades. Keep your legs & arms inside the vehicle at all times. Wait until we have come to a full and complete stop before exiting. Thank You for choosing BabylonFM’s;  Friday Nite Live.

Their at the post…….and their off, once again…. King Jax comes out of the gate with a house session that will make yer ass shake. Coming around the turn Syd Flashback comes along the inside and takes the lead. A refreshing Tech/House collaboration of ingenuity and design. Enjoy the 3rd session of what can only be described as a never ending Techno & House epic story line.

The sequel to 001, recorded on the same night, is another text book execution of how to make girls dance. King Jax leads off with house so smooth, you can taste the peanut butter, CAUTION MAY CONTAIN NUTS. Sydney Flashback displays his finishing move, with TechHouse that is dangerous and hot to the touch. Enjoy.

King Jax sets the tone for the first 30 minutes in a smooth, yet serious house beat fashion. Sydney Flashback takes over at midway and changes course. New co-ordiantes, unknown.