Friday Nite Live

Joining the scene in 1992, the most influential music, for us, was coming from the UK.   The sounds were massive and the scene, even bigger.  The parties we went to were held by UK nutters. They weren’t “OG”, because the scene was brand new. No one was “the original”, we ALL were “the originals”.  Looking back, it was about the music, and that’s what we still preach today. The music is new, but our hearts still live, in 92′.

Friday Nite Live (Jax & Flashback)

Babylon, circa 1994

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Our very best House & Techno trax played in 2016. Recorded in the “back to back” format (rare). Extended set, 1.5 hours (also rare).

Friday Nite Live.

King Jax & Sydney Flashback.

Babylon, circa 1994

New York City.

Friday Nite Live brings the groove back with a House & Funky Techno beat down in the Big Apple.

Friday Nite Live, King Jax & Sydney Flashback.

Babylon,  circa 1994.


Chicago House music changed lives. The music brought cultures together on the dance floor. It was a new sound, a new vibe, peace love and unity for all. Thank You, Chicago.

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We are……Friday Nite Live.

Babylon, circa 1994

After this episode, you will want, a smoke and a pancake…….or perhaps a salt shaker, half full of cocaine. Either or is good. Enjoy.

Babylon. Circa 1994

Friday Nite Live (King Jax & Syd Flashback)