Friday Nite Live

Hawaii. Wonderful beaches, picturesque landscapes, mountains, tropical rain forests,  and a small Scotch Pine Tree decorated on the patio. Some people call us crazy. Some people want to give us endless advice. Some people like to point out that we are not doing what the mainstream/popular masses want us to  do. Well, maybe its the warm sand or maybe its the ocean breeze, but I say……..Shut up & Dance!

FNL  Xmas 2017.

Merry Christmas.

The Flash Mob video of this, filmed in Berlin, was unbelievably amazing. But, due to international tensions, it has been removed. Luckily the sound recording has been preserved, in all its, amazingness. Enjoy.

House music. This happened, one day in Mexico, for real…….I think.

Quaaludes & Tequila.

Friday Nite Live,

Jax & Flashback

Babylon, circa 1994

The seaside town of Reggio di Calabria was the inspirational backdrop for this House & Techno feast. Mangiamo!