FNL Guest Mix

The Mystery Machine blows a tire, and the gang finds themselves outside of an abandon Roller Disco, with a mysterious, mischievous ghost. Daphne suggests a,  “ghost killer”, set of House & Techno. Stay tuned, and find out if their  wacky plan works!

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Babylon.  circa 1994.

Freddie Loveless returns with a magical mystery tour. Loveless has been an underground DJ for 30 years, and this mix shows it. A fabulous selection of tunes, that are expertly mixed together, to create a journey for all. Freddie, as of late, has been very disappointed by all the finger pointing and accusations of these so called, Producers and DJ’s that are currently destroying our scene and the music we love.

“The biggest fakers, are usually the ones complaining about all the fakers”

Freddie Loveless.


100% Real Juice.

Always was. Always will be.

Babylon,  circa 1994

The Fabulous Freddy Loveless entertains us once again, after 10 years in Hawaii. His tan is golden, just like his turntable techniques. Freddy created a journey of handbag house that will soothe your tropical soul.